Sunday, May 7, 2017







Saturday, February 27, 2016

First post since 2011

Is now year of 2016, is been nearly 5 years that I did not write anything. I'm not good in writing but it is nice to express my feeling here. 

5 years, many things that happened and I'm now going through a tough time. I believe there are many people going through the tough time as well.. Is not worst scenarios on me but it was really not easy. 

It took me for at least 1.5 year to forgive myself. I can't said I really let thing go but at least now I felt more relieved.

Day by day, time flies. I'm not young anymore and dream still seems far apart. 

But, I'm not going to give up. Do what I can and continue dream on. Not knowing my tomorrow but doing my best for better tomorrow. 

Year 2016, a turning point for me. Never waste any second, please mark down these time and do my best. 

Dreams are never too far, if you would want to dream on! 


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lost track of my dukan diet

After 2 weeks holiday and busy in working, I really lose track of my result. Gained 2 kg after my trips, I consider that is good enough, as I had rice at most of the time.

I still need to squeeze up my time to do my travel blog too... alamak.. not enough time.. gambatek... fen can do it!! yesh!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dukan Diet Day 116 - 120

Dukan Diet day 116
Weight : 62.2

Dukan Diet day 117
Weight : 62.2

Dukan Diet day 118
Weight : 62.5

Dukan Diet day 119
Weight : 62.5

Dukan Diet day 120
Weight : 62.5

I was extremely busy these weeks... no time to explore the new recipe. My mum after saw my result, she is also starting on this dukan diet and she loves it~ she start this from 81.2kg and now she is 74.5kg... only 3 weeks! Amazing right, I'm gonna said this diet is really awesome. But do make sure you really drink enough water, in the end, we want to be healthy as well not just about losing weight. 

I'm proceed to phase 3, as eating outside food is not easy and more pricey, well during phase 3, consolidate is still allowing me to lose 1 pound about 600gm per week. Not too bad tho, I think I still manage to lose weight but it take longer time. 

No matter how, I'm quite happy with my result now. Just another 4kg will be prefect. 

I will keep it up~

wow ... a nice change of blogger

so nice... today morning, saw this nice change of blogger.

my blog is now wider... i think due to the large wide screen now, the trend of the size getting more popular on wide screen... so we can show more.. wow.. love this function~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dukan Diet Day 115

Weight = 62.2

Breakfast : bean curd
Lunch : subway ham wrap
Dinner : popiah

almost 4 month in this diet, I'm thinking maybe I should stop here and proceed to stage 3... is kind of tough to have this diet when I have to take my meal outside and soon I will be going for holiday for 2 weeks. 

Perhaps I should stop at this weight and continue with stage 3... the balance of the 4kg perhaps use another method to lose it instead.. 

no idea... almost reach my goal, what's a pity to stop now... should I or should not?

on another hand, pure protein diet is not good for too long as well... it will burden kidney... perhaps I should proceed with stage 3 maybe for longer period.. take care with food intake... add in sugar and carbo but not too much~

hope this will work... 


Friday, October 7, 2011

Dukan Diet Day 113-114

Weight = 62.5 & 62.2

Breakfast : bean curd
Lunch : yong to fu
Dinner : yong to fu

eating the same food for these 2 days... weight maintaining.. perhaps i don't drink enough water.. and eat too fast...

will start to eat slowly and chew properly... 

keep it up~